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Mountain Biking

Ranui Farm Park has miles of unpaved trails available for avid bikers and for those who just want to go for a casual ride. 

Our tracks are dedicated to providing fun-filled opportunities for riders of all ages to gain confidence, personal achievement, character and sportsmanship through physical exercise. With Novice (beginner), Intermediate and Expert levels available, there is a place for every rider to compete.

We have over 32km of tracks here at Ranui Farm. They range from hand built single track to wide machine built trails. The tracks (Track Days) are open every weekend and Public Holidays for anyone use from October to May (just pay $5 and fill out form on arrival). These are the bike tracks that are currently open.

Mountain bikers will be able to experience some open country riding. These tracks are among native retirements, eucalyptus trees, pine tree plantations, open paddocks and you will have fantastic views of the country along the way.

There are toilets, cold showers and $2 coin-operated hot showers available; we also have bike cleaning facilities and on site.

OPEN Weekends & Public Holidays


Go to the gazebo to pay $5 (Per Person) to the honesty box and sign a registration form.

Families on one form. 

Under Two years old free.

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