Track Information

Age GuideOPEN
Bellbird2.5kmGrade 2B & W/R5+OPEN
Oakwood3kmGrade 3B & W/R10+OPEN
Kawa3kmGrade 3BikeTeens+OPEN
Tahi Loop0.5kmGrade 2B & W/RAllOPEN
Snake Track0.5kmGrade 2BikeAllOPEN
Tu Meke4.5kmGrade 3B & W/R10+OPEN
Mid Ranuka1.0kmGrade 3B & W/R10+OPEN
Bottom Ranuka1.2kmGrade 3B & W/R10+OPEN
K-Trail Pickup2.2kmGrade 3Bike10+OPEN
Family Track1.0kmGrade 2B & W/RAllOPEN
Tiki1.6kmGrade 4BikeTeens+OPEN
Bushy1.5kmGrade 4BikeTeens+OPEN
Quattro1.5kmGrade 3BikeTeens+OPEN
Hi-Five1.5kmGrade 4BikeTeens+OPEN
Lucky1.6kmGrade 3BikeTeens+OPEN
Manu2.0kmGrade 3Bike10+OPEN
Jump Park2m4m6m8mGrade 3 - 6BikeAbilityOPEN*
Easy Track100mGrade 2BikeBeginner OPEN
Logging Trail
1.9kmGrade 5BikeTeens+OPEN
Revolution DH Track2.5kmGrade 5BikeTeens+Invitation Only
Ranui Farm Walk8.0kmGrade 2Walk/RunFamilyAlmost Open
Skyline Walk4.0kmGrade 2Walk/RunFamily OPEN


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