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Group Events

Large Or Small Groups Welcome

Ranui Farm Park has a number of facilities available for people to use. We are well equipped to host groups or all ages and sizes. Check out our events calendar to see what's coming up!

School Camps And Events

Here at Ranui Farm Park, we love providing a day of fun for all types of groups. We have so many activities available for people of all ages it's sure to be an outing to remember. Even if it's just to get some fresh air and experience farm life in Central Hawke's Bay, everyone is welcome!

Schools students, Businesses, Clubs, Family Groups, Parties of all types, absolutely everyone. Be it a day trip or overnight stay Camping.  We can provide for anyone. 

Party Venue Hire

We have the space for you! A perfect event needs a perfect venue.  Whether you are planning a picnic for 10 or a banquet for 100, Ranui Farm has unique indoor and outdoor settings for every type of event.  With unrivalled views and beautiful green space, our settings are stunning at any time of day or night. Ready to start planning? 

We offer...

Camping -  number of campsites nestle the countryside at Ranui Farm Park. A wonderful country retreat in the heart of the farm.

A Big Barn! - The perfect place to host an event for a larger crowd.  The modern barn is purpose-built as a multi-purpose, flexible space for all kids or events and activities. 

Playgrounds - Come to Ranui Farm Park for a great birthday party, the playground is here amongst all the other activities! Children are sure to be satisfied.

Amenities - There are toilets available and coin-operated showers ( $2 for 5 minutes) these are available for anyone to use, especially those who get extra messy!

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