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Thank you - We have your info!


The members listed by name above all agree to abide by and comply with the rules, regulations and instructions of this event as given by the organisers and landowners and accept their decisions as final and binding. We attest that we are sufficiently fit to participate in this event and we are aware of the risks involved and collectively hereby exempt the organisers and other event participants from any liability for damage or injury that may occur to ourselves or our property. Have read the Refund Policy. Submission of this form constitutes acceptance of all of the aforegoing. 

Bank Information

Ranui Farm Park 02 0780 0029102 00 BNZ Waipukurau. Please place your name as the reference.

Or post your cheque to 825 Nicholls rd, RD2, Waipukurau 4282. Made payable to Ranui Farm Park.

NOTE: Please ensure you read the Refund Policy & Park Rules.

Ranui Farm gratefully acknowledges support from the following sponsors

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